Methods to Get Discount Coupons

WaveInsight Software special offers are a great way to save money. Till now we have sent out thousands of discount coupons all over the world, including quite a few 100% discount coupons. Why we do this? The answer is quite simple: we want to build up relationships with you, on the other hand, we want to improve our service by your suggestions and feedback. Basically it's not hard to get a discount coupon from us. There are a variety of methods to get a coupon on all our software here:

Basic discount coupon method

Add us to your bookmark

You can see some popular bookmark logo on our website, just click on them and bookmark our site. Then tell us who you are and we will send a coupon to you. The discount level is based on both your bookmark's quality and quantity.

Add us to your blog

Write something about us in you blog, or just copy some content from our website to your blog. You are allowed to use any links, descriptions, images on our site. Don't forget to leave a direct link to us in your blog.

Leave a comment to our software

We would be very appreciated if you leave a comment to one of our software on a software download website. You can easily search "WaveInsight" in google, pick one to write your comment of us please, then send the link of your comment to

Write something about us in a forum

Coupons are depending on the forum quality, content quality and the link quality. After publishing a new post on the forum, please send us your name and the link of your post, we will send you a considerable discount coupon by it. Our email:

Report bugs in our software

There is no perfect thing in the world, so as our software or services. We are looking forward to working with you to fix those problems, to offer better and better service to you. Please try to find bugs (including bad translations) of our software, do not just copy and paste others findings. Then tell us your findings and which software do you want here:

Report wrong descriptions in our website

If you have found any spelling error or something wrong from our website, please don't be hestitated to report it to us at

Purchase our software

You will get a discount coupon by purchasing any of our software. This is the fastest way to get coupons from us. The coupon will be emailed to you in your order email. Browser our software page now to get your coupon. Product List.

Tell us your software requirements

If you have software needs/requirements in your work or daily life that relate to our software product,  please tell us your thoughts. We may enhance the features of our products according to your valuable inputs in the future. The discount level will be based on your thoughts' value to us.

100% free registration method

Yes, you can get a totally free registration code of our software, that's why there are so many people using our software! Basicly, there are 2 ways to get a 100% free registration code from us.

1) 100% Free Registration Code Method A:

The only thing is you need to send us an email to describe what we should develop on about our software. We highly value your advices and will improve our software as your wish. Once your suggestions be adopted, you will become a member of our VIP club, and a totally free registration code will be sent to you! Send Your Opinion Now.

2) 100% Free Registration Code Method B:

Currently our software only support English edition, this is not so convenient for people from non-english countries. We need your help to translate our software, documents and other materials into other languages. This project is of commonweal and meaningful, if you would like to join this programme please send up an email at And we will send you a totally free registration code for appreciation!

Note: If you have  any other way that may help us, you're MORE than welcome to contact us. We promise to give you great discount coupons even GREAT commisions for your valuable contribution.  
Thank you!